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Ch. 3 Vocabulary

Sarah Jerose

1 2 3
6                       7        
  8                   9  
  10   11                      
12 13          

6.When you place far more importance on something than it is worth
7.Items or conditions that people must have in order to survive
8.The way you feel about yourself
11.Using a substitute method to achieve a desired goal
14.The realization of your full potential
15.A sense of right and wrond that guides your behavior
16.When you unfairly blame other people or things for your failures
17.When you revert back to a less mature stage of development
1.Exaggerated fears of everyday objects or events
2.Ways people may react to anxiety-producing events or threats
3.When you transfer the energy of an emotion that you cannot express into a physical symptom or complaint
4.A feeling or mental position that causes a person to react to a situation, concept, or object in a characteristic way
5.In response to a threat, the person attacks the source of the threat
9.When you explain your weaknesses or failures by giving a socially acceptable excuse
10.Beliefs about right and wrond behavior
12.When you transfer an emotion connected with one person or thing to an unrelated person or thing
13.The way you see yourself

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