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Soil 1.3-1.5

1 2 3              
    7       8
  9       10            
  13 14                   15      
  17                             18
19                 20     21          

2.absence of oxygen
5.nitrogen that is converted into nitrogen compounds by this process
6.self pumping well
7.smallest, tightly packed particles, sticky and can be molded
9.nourishing substances for plants
12.the green pigment found in plants
13.pore spaces becoming completely filled with water
15.which is coarse and gritty with large particles, allows air and water in soil
17.the upward movement of water through a tiny space in response to tension
19.stimulates rapid green growth in plants
20.element that helps form chlorophyll
22.bumps or roots on plants
1.water below water table
3.converts ammonia into usable nitrates
4.smaller than sand: feels like talcum powder or flour
5.moved from air ot soil to be used by plants and returned to atmosphere
8.scientist that studies soil
10.nonporous, cannot penetrate
11.element essential for cell division and growth
14.layers of porous rock or of a gravel soil mixture that are capable of holding water
16.another word for a base, greater than 7 on pH scale
18.contains sand, silt, and clay
21.less that 7 on pH scale

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