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Scientific Method

Mr. J. Haring

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2.An educated guess
5.The process of breaking something complex down into smaller simpler parts
7.the object or activity that is being set aside without change and used as a comparison
8.inaccuracies as a result of faulty testing
10.repeating the same results with very similar results time after time
14.a collection of information as a result of a experiment
15.analysis that involves a description of the results
16.the recorded results which come as a result of an experiment
17.the method of using five senses to gather information
18.the variable that has an effect on something being tested
1.the plotting of points on a paper that shows a trend using a independent and dependent variable as your axis reference
3.the variable that will change as a result of the experiment
4.A logical approach used to solve a problem or answer a question
6.correct information; hitting your target
9.the final summary of the experiment where the results are related to the validity of the hypothesis
11.the likelihood that an experiment can be duplicated with the same accurate results as previously done.
12.analysis that involves a unit of numbers gathered by measuring
13.A test performed to collect data that will compare the effects that an independent variable will have on a dependent variable

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