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1 2 3
  4 5                  
7               8                
10           11              
12           13  
  14                   15
16         17    
18   19        

5.Nobel prize winner malariologist
7.Place of work for a surgeon and an actor
8.Vitamin with neural tube connections
10.Darling's disease
12.Reflection of sound in cardiology
14.Malta fever
17.Female gamete , healthy food
20.Diplomat sharing with a vaccinated person
22.Milker's nodule virus
23.Often ignored physical examination in acute abdomen
1.Doctors and lawyers deal with them
2.Amount of medicine
3.Desert rheumatism
4.Principal substance absorbed from colon
6.Vietnam time bomb
9.Vehicle, opposed to sensory
11.Syrupy medicine
13.Identical genetic copy
15.Objective manifestation of a disease
16.This disease has Bull's eye rash
18.Root of lung
19.Family planning device separating thorax and abdomen
21.Used dogs to test responses to stimuli
23.Gastric surgery with a glass of whisky. in brief

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