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Book 4 Lesson 12

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1.She had to ___ her steps to the library because she dropped her keys.
2.You will need to ____ that bottle.
4.Please _____ that story. We love it!
8.I think that child is going to _____ the bear.
10.Uncle Joe could not _____ the old car.
13.The work you do will be ___ so you can't buy anything.
17.The evil teacher gave an _____ test.
18.Oxygen is safe because it is _____.
19.He is too young to be a soldier now, so he will ___ next year.
3.The mail man said I need to ______ this letter.
4.Can I use your phone to _____ my dad?
5.He does not exercise so he is _____
6.He was ___ to the party after he ate all the pizza.
7.Don't throw out that box! You can ____ it.
9.The sofa is too old. You need to _____ it.
11.Animals need to ___ to survive.
12.The smell of your shoes is very _____.
14.A _____ is not attracted to a magnet.
15.You can cannot get _____ from that super glue.
16.You cannot come here because you are ____.

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