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Danielle's Wedding Shower

1 2
4     5
6           7            
9       10         11    
13 14                 15   16
  18                 19
20         21        

3.Country where Mike and Danielle are getting married in January.
6.Danielle's sign.
7.Month of Mike's birth.
9.Danielle grew up in _________.
12.Mike proposed to Danielle here.
13.Mike spent his toddler years living in ______.
15.Month of Danielle's birth.
17.Mike attended _______ college.
18.Mike's sign.
20.Danielle shares her sign with this close relative of Mike.
21.Danielle had a pet named _________.
1.Danielle attended _________ College.
2.The city where Danielle attended college.
4.Mike and Danielle's anniversary month.
5.Mike and Danielle currently live in _____________.
8.Danielle attended ________ Secondary.
10.Mike and Danielle both like to _________.
11.Mike and Danielle are going to this happy place next month.
14.MIke attended _______ Secondary.
16.Danielle shares her birthday with this friend of MIke.
19.Nephew or Father.

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