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Color Theory

Sharon Lambert

Color Theory Terms

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1.Made up of Black and Whites and the vaious range of neutral grays they produce
3.Made up of orange, green and violet.
6.Take a basic hue from the color wheel and use it and only its vaious tints and shades
9.A colors lightness or brightness
11.The color that is on the exact opposite side of the color wheel of one color
13.Used to reduce space
16.Red-Violet, Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green, Red-Orange, Blue-Violet, Yellow-Green (2 Words)
17.Neutral of black and white
18.The saturation or intensity of a color
19.Three colors that are adjacent on the color wheel
21.When three colors are equidistant on the wheel (2 Words)
23.A hue mixed with black
25.Made up of 12 basic hues, 3 primary 3 sedonary and 6 tertiary colors. (2 Words)
27.Any pure color with the exceptio nof black or white
2.Involves Red, Green, Blue (2 Words)
4.These colors help promote a feeloing of calm, serenity, trust and relaxation
5.These colors promote a feeling oa austerity, cleanliness, invigorating freshness, coldness
7.Violet, Green, Orange (2 Words)
8.The playground colors
10.These colors suggest comfort and wart heartfelt emotions.
12.Hues tinted with large amounts of white
14.High Chroma colors
15.Blue, Red, Yellow (2 Words)
20.Barely colors at all
22.A hue mixed with white
24.Any hue mixed with grey
26.This color may evoke stong emotional respones

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