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phases of matter


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1.The energy required to change a substance from a liquid to a gas.
5.When a solid substance changes directly to a gas.
7.A graph which shows how temperature of a substance changes as it is heated.
8.The resistance of a liquid to flowing.
12.a very hot gas, in which the electrons and atom nuclei are separated.
15.The type of reaction whereby heat must be applied to the reactants in order for the reaction to occur.
16.The temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas.
17.Phase of matter with constant volume but not definite shape.
18.statement which says matter is made of atoms and molcules in a constant state of motion.
1.The energy required to change a substance from a solid to a liquid.
2.Submerged objects are buoyed up a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.
3.A temperature of 0 Kelvin.
4.The ability of a substance to exert an upward force on objects submerged in the substance.
6.The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid.
9.Phase of matter where atoms and or molecules are freely moving so as to fill the container in which the gas occurs.
10.Liquids and gases are both examples of this type of substance, meaning that which flows.
11.The type of reaction where heat is given off by a reaction such as burning.
13.This type of solid has no crystalline arrangement such as in glass.
14.Phase of matter with constant shape and volume.

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