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Walking Working Fall Protection Safety Crossword

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

The seriousness of trips & falls as an accident cause What OSHA regulations are applicable General Requirements for aisles, passageways, housekeeping General requirements for covers and guardrails Definitions of applicable terms in floors, walls, ceilings Using ladders and scaffolding safely

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3.F---r O-----g - An opening measuring 12 inches or more in its least dimension in a floor, platform, pavement, or yard, through which persons may fall
5.D--i---e must be maintained and gratings, mats or raised platforms must be p------d where wet processes are used
11.1910.22 calls for Mark p-------t aisles and p----g----s
13.Using ladders and scaffolding safely -the majority of general industry accidents f-----n percent of all accidental deaths more fatalities than all other causes but motor vehicles
14.Ladders used to gain access to a roof or other area must extend at least t---- feet above the point of support
15.S------- R------ - Consists of top rail, mid rail, and posts. Height from the upper surface of top rail to floor level is 42 inches
1.F---r H---s - An opening measuring less than 12 in. but more than 1 in. in its least dimension, in a floor, platform, pavement or yard
2.F---d I-------l S----s - Must be able to carry 5 times expected load; minimum of 1000 pounds. Minimum width of 22 inches
4.S------- T------d - 4 inches high, with not more than ¼-inch clearance above the floor.
6.Open-sided floors or platforms ---- feet or m--- above adjacent floor or ground level must be guarded by a standard railing on all open sides
7.W--- O-----g is Opening at least 30 in. high and 18 in. wide, in a wall or partition, through which persons may fall .
8.Every floor hole into which persons can accidentally walk must be guarded by either standard railing with t------d c---r
9.S-----y O-----g - Must be guarded by a standard railing on all exposed sides (except at entrance).
10.W--- O-----g - Opening at least 30 in. high and 18 in. wide, in a wall or partition, through which persons may fall
12.OSHA Regulations calll for Flights of stairs with four or more r----s must have standard stair railings or handrails

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