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Jubilee Vision Statement


Find the words used in Jubilee's vision statement. There are 26 words in total. Good luck! A prize awaits whoever is successful.

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1.The capacity to have an effect
4.What did John the Baptist do?
5.This is not a building. It is what the bible says that we are
8.To supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose
9.What God gives to us unconditionally
10.What will happen to you in your future
12.To let something go
13.Another word for pushing through and not giving up
15.A verb. To make a dramatic change in something
18.Son of God
20.The hiring and payment for a piece of artwork
23.To become larger in distance from side to side
24.The act of putting a seed in the ground and watching it grow
25.This is what Jesus is
1.Possible synonyms for this word include press together, wedge together
2.One who does not want to get married for example, is said to have what issues?
3.The state of a limb when it is enclosed in plaster.
6.Part of the Trinity. The Dove (2 Words)
7.What a ruler of a country has
11.What is the missing word? Transforming lives, communities and ?
14.Plural of Life
16.The act of showing
17.Group of people
19.YOT students go to different parts of Europe on trips like these
21.Another word for set apart?

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