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OB Abbreviations

B. Solomon

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1."I can hear my baby's heart!"
2.dangerous Strep infection for newborns
4.incision in center line of perineum to give more room for delivery
6.Last menstrual period
7."my head hurts"
9.Number of pregnancies
11.Don't drink during pregnancy!
14.vaginal discharge following delivery
17.drug to suppress uterine contractions
20."This is my frist baby"
21.Method for checking on well being of fetus w/o being invasive
22."The midwife broke my water"
24.monitoring of FHT and contractions, internally or externally
25.external monitor for contractions
28.cleansing of skin area prior to birth or surgery
30.deep tendon reflex
33.not the kind you see with thunder
35.earliest method of chromosome testing available(not a drug store)
37.now called Anaphylactoid Syndrome of Pregnancy
40."no problems here"
41.temperature, pulse and respiration
42.internal contraction monitoring
44.Classification for parity
46.liquid surrounding fetus
48.estimated blood loss
49.Loss of pregnancy prior to 20 weeks
50."My water broke!"
51.No forceps or vacuum used
2.Gestational Diabetes
3.period of time after baby has arrived
5.pregnancy induced hypertension
6.over 90th percentile for newborns of same gestation
8.instrument for internal monitoring of fetal heart
10.removing foreskin of male newborn
11.presenting part of fetus in not engaged in pelvis
12.woman who has delivered other babies
13.single room maternitiy care
15."I can finally push" (10 cm)
16.Pitocin, Methergine, Prostin, Hemabate
18.Certified Nurse Midwife
19.rapid respirations of newborn resolving after short period of additional oxygen support
23.fetal death prior to birth
26.top of uterus
27.estimated date of confinement
28.Number of pregnancies carried past 20 weeks
29."Your water isn't broken"
31.Respiratory Distress Syndrome
32.'bag of waters'
34.severe pre-eclampsia with liver damage
36.endotracheal tube
38.Delivery room
39.below 10th percentile of newborns of the same gestation
43.Childbirth education
45.between 10th and 90th percentile for newborns of same gestation
47.operative delivery of newborn

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