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An Intersection pages 90-91

Conversation Class September 2013

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3.A handicapped space is ___.
5.I see many small ___ at the mall.
9.The Laundromat is ___ to the pharmacy.
12.I can park for twenty minutes at a ___ curb.
13.The ___ store sells soda, chips and liquor.
14.I have to do ___, such as go to the bank and market.
16.I have to ___ park on Cuesta Drive.
18.Sometimes, I ___ across the street when I am late.
19.___ medicine is Tylenol.
1.Please ___ up to the window.
2.The ___ is green.
4.I can't park next to a fire ___.
6.I ___ my card in the parking meter.
7.An intersection has four ___.
8.The street ___ is selling ice cream.
10.I clean my ___ at the dry cleaners.
11.I wear a ___ when I ride a bike.
13.I use the ___ to cross the street.
15.The ___ is next to the newsstand.
17.___ people are at the bus stop.

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