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Quiz 1

Name _________________ Class 10F

1 2 3
  5 6                    

4.Things compared have ratios or multiples
6.BEDMAS The S in mnemonic for order of operations BEDMAS stands for
8.The distance around a closed shape. Length of a boundary
10.A guess that is close to the actual value, an approximate
11.SI system of measure based on 10s
1.Distance around a circle
2.Get rid of, remove, leave out, omit
3.This three dimensional shape is called
4.A 3D shape with a polygon base and triangular faces that meet at a common point.
5.A four sided figure with exactly two lines parallel
7.The length of two points on the circle that passes through the centre
9.Number or variable that are multiplied to get an answer. Example, 2 and 4 are this of 8

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