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Mrs. Morgan

1 2
3               4  
    5 6  
7 8               9      
  12 13                      
      14       15 16

3.Small organ like structures inside of cells.
8.A "protein producing factory" organelle.
10.The part of the plant cell that gives the cell shape.
11.The storage area for the cell.
13.The first scientist to see and name the cell.
14.The basic unit of life.
17.When the cell puts something out of it's body.
18.Moves and stores materials made by the cell.
19.Produces energy for the cell to use.
20.The process of the cell duplicating itself.
1.Makes up about 90% of a cells weight.
2.The "jello" like substance that holds the organelles in place.
4.When the cell brings something into it's body.
5.The plant cell organelle that holds the chlorophyll; where photosynthesis takes place.
6.The letters the represent deoxyribonucleic acid.
7.The first phase of mitosis.
9.The part of the cell that regulates what goes in and out of cell.
12.Structures that become visible in mitosis.
15.Cells have different shapes because they have different _________.
16.The "brain" of the cell; stores the DNA

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