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1 2      
3 4    
5           6       7 8 9
        10           11      
  16       17       18     19
20     21              
24 25                    
      26           27 28
29                 30      

2.Describes a substance that is made of only one type of particle.
5.The element with 13 protons.
10.An animal with a backbone.
13.The unit for energy.
14.Rock that is formed when subjected to massive levels of heat and pressure.
15.Colour created when green and blue light mix.
16.This part of the cell contains chlorophyll.
21.The wire that coils in electromagnet.
22.The pump of our body.
23.The symbol for Calcium.
24.When colours of the light are split.
26.Has eight protons.
29.Eaten to prevent constipation.
30.A substance that can neutralise acid.
31.An imaginary line between the North and South poles of the Earth.
1.Controls our sense of balance.
2.One end of a magnet.
3.A blood vessel that surrounds our alveoli.
4.The liquid that can pass through a filter paper.
6.The mineral that produces red blood cells.
7.Colour created when green and red light mix.
8.The symbol for Sodium.
9.The force of gravity that pulls an object towards another object
11.The release of energy from food molecules.
12.A substance made of only one type of atom.
17.The bouncing of light from a surface.
18.The size of a vibration, determines the loudness of softness.
19.Protects the baby when it is being knocked around.
20.Colour created when blue and red light mix.
25.Rock that is formed when lava cools down and solidifies.
27.How much matter an object contains.
28.The unit for frequency.

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