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Daisy Bippert

Assistive Learning Technology Vocabulary

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1.Assistive device, a keyboard that can be configured to individual student's needs.
13.Programs that can make an educated guess about the word a student is typing based on the first few letters. It can help reduce the number of keystrokes required.
14.Can assist students who can understand material at their grade level when they hear it, but have difficulty with decoding and comprehending when they read it.
15.Devices that support students with hearing difficulty to clearly hear their teachers and classroom discussions.
2.Hardware and software that is designed or can be used to support the needs of exceptional students.
3.An approach for gifted students that recognizes and targets instruction to the varying abilities found in the same classroom.
4.A device worn by a student that receives the teacher's auditory signal, can be earbuds or a direct connection to a hearing aid.
5.Assistive devices that offer a larger surface area and larger keys than a standard keyboard supporting students who lack fine motor skills.
6.Low-the assistive devices that are acrylic or metal covers with holes for each key that are placed on a keyboard. They increase typing accuracy by allowing only one key at a time to be pressed.
7.A display that responds to human touch. Touch screen software usually displays a series of graphics or icons. Rather than using a mouse or a pointer, the icon on the screen is touched.
8.Assistive devices that can emulate a mouse's movement and are used in conjunction with an onscreen keyboard.
9.Assistive device that can magnify a display supporting students with limited vision.
10.Assistive devices that support students with very poor vision or ones that get fatigued from screen magnification.
11.A feature that allows students to press keys sequentially to executive functions that typically require pressing keys simultaneously.
12.Assistive devices that help students who have difficulty isolating a finger or using their hands to hit a single key.

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