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Science Power 7

H. Adams

This puzzle is based on pp. 2 to 24 of "Science Power 7", a McGraw-Hill Ryerson text.

1         2     3           4         5
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  15           16        
    19       20     21   22   23  
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    31               32 33          

1.process by which plants make their own food using sunlight
6.province where Canada's biggest trees grow
12.word for a group of individuals of the same species, living together in one place at one time
14.important abiotic factor
15.abiotic factor that is important to organisms for life processes, like digesting food, etc.
17.one organism
19.provides minerals and other nutrients for plants
20.all the interacting parts of a biological community and its environment
25.the biome of British Columbia's coastline
28.the southern Okanagan Valley has this kind of dry climate
31.average weather pattern of a region
32.each species has a particular place where it lives (the earthworm's is the soil)
34.arid biome
35.Canada has this many of the major biomes
2.Canadian province where you would find a grassland biome
3.Canada does not have this biome
5.word for all of the populations that live in one area
7.in this kind of forest biome, the trees are mostly deciduous
8.in this kind of forest biome, the trees are mostly evergreen
9.an inherited characteristic that helps an organism survive
10.biome where you might find prairie dogs and foxes
11.cold, dry, treeless biome
13.her observations led to studies that showed that DDT is harmful to the environment
16.Canada's largest biome
18.word for ground that is permanently frozen
21.a group of organisms who can successfully reproduce among themselves
22.most of the precipitation in the boreal forest biome is in this form
23.scientist who studies the living parts of an environment and their interactions with the non-living things
24.adjective for trees whose leaves die and fall off in autumn
27.adjective for trees that stay green all year long
29.local conditions that change from day to day
30.the fifth level of biological organization
33.important abiotic factor that provides carbon dioxide to plants so they can make their own food

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