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1.chemical or mechanical process that breaks down and changes on or near earth surface
6.has been moved to a location away it parent bedrock (2 Words)
10.mechanical weathering process in which outer rocks layers are striped away
11.are also called physical weathering mechanical weathering does not involve any change in a rocks composition only changes in the size and sometimes the shape of the rock
12.this type of weathering invokes the change to composition
2.movement of weathered materials from one location to another by agents such as water and wind
3.soil located above its parent material (2 Words)
4.can be more than 3m deep they can be a major problem and farming and frazing (2 Words)
5.responsible for the formation of potholes in many roads in the northern united states (2 Words)
7.is the loose covering of broken rock particles and decaying organic matter
8.chemical reaction of oxygen with other substance
9.chemical or mechanical process that breaks down and changes on or near earth's surface

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