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Emergency Room

Afternoon Class October 2013

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1.A fracture is a ___ in a bone.
4.X-rays are taken in the ___ Dept., which is down the hall.
7.I waited in the ___ room for the doctor.
9.I have worn this ___ for a week since I ___ my wrist.
11.These ___ have been hurting my armpits all day!
12.Kevin has had ___ ___ for a few days.
13.The accident victim got 50 ___ down his back.
15.The paramedics put the victim on a ___ and into the ambulance.
16.The terrorism victims were sitting with bloody ___ around their heads.
17.Yes; a friend ___ me there.
18.The pain was continual in my ___ shoulder until the doctor popped it back.
2.Handicapped in a ____ can use the ___ outside to enter/exit.
3.Get an ___ ___ for the burn on my hand!
5.The line at the ___ desk was so long!
6.Fred has felt ___ since last night.
8.Did they take an ___ of your broken leg?
10.I suffered from food ___ after I ate at the buffet.
12.___ Area means do not enter.
13.When I fractured my finger, the doctor put a ___ on it.
14.Her friends signed the ___ on her broken arm.

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