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Music in the Middle Ages!!

Mrs. Schatz's General Music Class

Fill in the crossword puzzle with the correct word or words to go with each numbered question. There will be no blank box between the words of answers containing two or more words!!

1 2
4     5
7                   8    
  12 13                
    14             15
16           17          

3.The length of a musical sound. (2 Words)
6.This style of art was generally believed to hearken back to the architecture of Rome.
7.________ generated from primarily monastic sources. (2 Words)
10.A single melodic line without accompaniment is known as _______.
12.The use of more than one melodic line at the same time is known as _______.
14.Feudal subjects to the noble class.
16.Leaders of the church.
17.The melodies of the Gregorian Chants were said to have been sung to Pope Gregory by a ____.
18.The earliest known composer of polyphonic music was _____.
19.How fast or slow the music is.
1.Toward the end of the Middle Ages, there was a period of great _______. (2 Words)
2._________ had a great deal to do with the organization of Gregorian Chants. (2 Words)
4.The most important form of early polyphonic music is a _____.
5.How loud or soft the music is.
8.The "Tone Color" of a piece of music.
9.Almost all of the music from the Middle Ages was _______. (2 Words)
11._______ referred to the new style that reflected the emerging independence of the middle class.
13.The style of polyphony that Leonin composed was called _______.
14.Leonin's successor was who??
15.If something is nonreligious, then it is known as being ________.

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