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1.when elements on a page can be centered and/or evenly divided both horizontally and vertically , what does it have ?
3.geometric is triangles,squares, and ____
5.what is the look or feel or any object or surface ?
8.our eyes have ____.
12.what is only one small part of the electromagnetic spectrum ?
14.what means repeating certain elements throughout the entire design ?
16.what is the art of seeing by using pictures and words to convey info about different ideas and concepts?
17._____has length position and direction and is either visible or invisible
19.humans are restricted by the limitations of their eye and ____ to perceive the world
20.what is the understanding of what is needed to solve a problem , which includes design , making choices and revisions
21.balance is the optical illusion of the symmetry of objects
22.what are the cells concealed on ?
23.what is the simplified versions of natural shapes ?
26.what are patterns good examples of ?
27.the appearance is is either visual or_____.
28.the art of seeing by pictures and words to convey info about different ideas and ____
2.our eyes cannot detect what ?
4.what is the primary tool for symbolism ?
6.red, green , and blue are often to referred to as the______
7.what is the space around your design and between elements in your design ?
9._____is the completeness and harmony of a design
10.provoke ____response
11.what adds interest by cropping or scaling the elements ?
12._____ is the lightness or darkness of an object
13.natural is animals,_____,and humans
15.what is symmetrical ?
18.______ is the hue of pigment or light
21.what is how big or small objects are in relation to the space they occupy ?
24._____ is the optical illusion of the symmetry of objects
25.visible light red , green, and ______ chemically responds to different wavelengths of visible light

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