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Lord of the Flies vocabulary

Joe Morin Period 1

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1.Witches say a _______ on Halloween nights.
8.Chase got ________ after pitching a no hitter and hearing the crowd cheer his name.
11.Jack is very______ in the book "Lord of the Flies" because he only likes what pleases him.
13.All kids feel _______ before they get their test scores.
16.Teachers have an_____ smile when the class gets good grades.
17.Every teammate is told to _______ their equipment.
18.Once you see a big lineman coming at you, you get the feeling of_________.
21.The __________ kids were stuck on an island forever.
22.The ________ of his life began once he turned 18.
23.The family saw the__________ barn from a distance through the bushes and trees.
24.The little boy was hurt by the _______ from the bullies.
25.During physical therapy, you _________ elastic bands to gain strength.
26.__________ called air conditioning, helped the family survive through the heat wave.
27.A good father would ________ his heart if his son was in need of one in prefer to survive.
28.The retired marine began to __________ as he thought about past events during war.
1.When you only use your ____________ , the only thing important is your happiness.
2.Stand up comedians are known for their _______ skills.
3.There was an old______ of a man with a sword through his heart in the museum in Hawaii.
4.The ________ of the Greek empire was well developed.
5.Ralph shows great __________ in the book " Lord of the Flies."
6.The big lineman was known at school for being _________.
7.The dad and his son hiked down the high_______ in Mt. Baldy.
9.The cocky football player had a big _________ and too much self confidence.
10.Tyler_____ about the chances he has of making the game winning pass.
12.The girls room remained _______ because her shutters covered the window.
14.Kings are known for having a lot of _______.
15.Every citizen in the U.S lives in a ___________ or form of government.
19.Bad people live__________ lives because they don't care if they break laws.
20.A dogs_____ helps him smell and locate things.
24.Bullies are known for their _______.

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