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Chemical Reactions

Mr. Hixson

1 2 3                           4 5
  7       8 9                
          13   14 15  
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3.A change in the chemical makeup of a substance
8.An equation that satisfies the Law of Conservation of Mass
10.Reaction in which the energy of the product is less than the ernergy of the reactants
12.The actual name for rust
18.The actual name for water
20.Atom of a single kind of substance with a unique number of protons
21.The only thing that can be addjusted when balancing an equation
23.In order to make new elements the __________ contents must be changed
25.Two or more atoms of the same element joined together
26.Number to the lower right of element symbol that can NEVER be changed
27.When an ice cube melts, and is then heated to a boil it is undergoing a ________ change
28.The area exposed that influences the rate of a chemical reaction
29.The written expression of a chemical reaction
1.A measure of how fast the atoms or molecules are moving
2.The actual name for hydrogen peroxide
3.In order for a reaction to begin the substances have to meet with enough energy
4.The number of hydrogen atoms in 4Ca(OH)2
5.Mass cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms.
6.A catalyst is _____________ by a chemical reaction it helps to speed up
7.The number formula units (molecules) in 4HCl
9.Minimum energy needed to start a chemical reaction
11.The actual name for salt
13.The number of atoms or molecules in a given area
14.Two or more different elements joined together
15.A change in form or appearance only
16.The substance that results from a chemical reaction
17.Reaction in which the energy of the product is greater than the energy of the reactants
19.The substances undergoing a change in a chemical reaction
22.The number of atoms in a molecule of methane : CH4
24.A substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction

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