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Chapter 19 Vocabulary

Jon Heimforth

Can you find all the meaning to the words.

1 2
    3       4  
6   7                  
  8               9
10           11            

3.To make wealthy
5.A ban on the sale and consumption of alchohol
6.A set apart area managed by the government ( forest,lakes )
8.Became a term for crusading journalist
10.To yield or to give up power or control
11.To make a pledge or promise
12.Murdered by a mob or a group of people
13.Turning point situation containing great risk
14.To carefully think out
1.To put into action
2.Strict not easily bent or changed
4.A protection of national resources
7.A person working to destroy monopolies and trusts
9.A process by witch people may vote to remove an elected official from office

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