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My Technology Crossword

Tajreain 7D

1   2   3         4
  5                         6
10               11 12
13 14   15    
16                   17    
20         21         22    

1.a tool that stores and releases charge.
5.Plastics that soften when heated.
7.A tool used for making holes.
8.A word meaning capable ofn polishing surfaces by rubbing or grinding.
9.Another word for memory tool.
10.A rough drawing or painting.
16.A word that means how the product fits the human body.
18.a word meaning a compound of one or more large molecules formed from repeated units of smaller molecule.
20.short term for High-density polyethylene.
21.A word meaning find out or state the value of,assess
23.Acronym for Personal Protective Equipment.
1.A word used to describe a path or track.
2.Short term for Poylethylene terephthalate.
3.Showing imagination and originality.
4.An item used to heat the component legs and circuit track when soldering components in place.
6.A tool used to reduce uneven sufaces.
7.A word that means a drawing that shows how something is to be made.
11.A word that means the condition of being protected.
12.A tool that is used to mark out on metal and sometimes plastic.
13.A word meaning capable of polishing surfaces.
14.A text type that tells you how to do something.
15.A tool that is used to measure and mark out angle of 90°
17.Something you wear to protect your eyes.
19.An acronym for Light Emitting Diode.
22.Protects clothes.

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