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religion crossword test

Mary ann

7th Grade Unit 1 Assessment

2   3            
6                   7    
11           12              

1.the relationship between jesus and god (3 Words)
3.a storyor analogy to tell somthing larger or mysterious
4.jesus is the truth, blank blank, the life (2 Words)
5.when angel gabreil visited mary to tell her she would be the mother of god
6.the forgiving of sins and returning to the goodness for which humans were first created
8.an effert to bring christians together in cooperationas they look in the future in hope to restore the unityof the christian church
9.a bond between two or more people
10.Someone who settles an argument
11.worship and a spirital relationship between god
12.the third joyful mystery
13.a change in mind and heart
1.God, the only Son of the Father, the eternal Word, that is, the Word (2 Words)
2.your love respect and caring for someone else
3.having or showing what you can do or become
7.And the Word became flesh, and dwelt amongst us

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