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In the News

The Advertiser-Gleam

The clues refer to events that were covered in the Oct. 16 and Oct. 19 issues of The Advertiser-Gleam.

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3.The __ ___ football team won the county championship (2 words)
5.___ Day was held on the DAR school campus
7.Guntersville's mayor
11.A fire here is under investigation
13.Several of these showed up at the Guntersville Airport
15.This troup from Grant won an award from PALS
16.tickets are on sale for Best of the ______
17.Leadership Challenge participants played ____ for a day
1.Rock of ___ is the Crimson Guard's halftime show
2.One of Marshall County's state parks (2 words)
4.A replica of this Columbus ship is coming to Guntersville
6.A 2-car wreck happened in front of this building
8.She's turning 100
9.Students will do this type of dance to raise awareness of breast cancer
10.This company celebrated its 50-year anniversary with a picnic for employees (2 words)
12.This actress has a relative living in Guntersville
14.United Way is in the middle of a small business _____

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