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Non-fatal offences

Paul Hood

Identify the non-fatal cases from the principle given

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4.Psychiatric harm can be deemed actual bodily harm provided that expert evidence shows the harm is a symptom of an identifiable clinical condition and not just emotions
7.Several minor injuries, which individually may not amount to GBH, can amount to grievous bodily harm.
10.Wound must break the continuity of the skin, and internal bleeding is not sufficient
11.Silence can be an assault
12.Harm not limited to injury to the skin, flesh and bones
1.The slightest touch can amount to a battery
2.Words alone can be an assault
3.A battery can be committed by an omission
5.Can be committed without an assault or battery involving either direct or indirect force
6.Even touching a V’s clothes would be enough for battery
8.Actual bodily harm is ‘any hurt or injury calculated to interfere with the health or comfort of the victim’ that is not ‘transient or trifling’
9.Mens rea for s47 OAPA Act 1861 is the same as for assault and battery; no need to show mens rea in respect of any intention or foresight

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