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12th Grade Unit 1 and 2 Biology

Mrs. Weimer

1               2   3
5                       6            
        12 13
    14 15                  
  16               17    

1.term describes the relatively constant internal physical conditions of an organism
5.one of the organelles involved in energy conversion (m)
6.When salt is dissolved in water, water is the
7.one of the organelles involved in energy conversion (c)
9.It is the inward force which tends to minimize the surface area of a liquid.(2words)
11.structures serves as the cell’s boundary from its environment
15.What advance in technology made the discovery of cells possible?
16.are prokaryotes
18.these enclose their DNA in a nucleus
19.In a water molecule, shared electrons spend more time around the oxygen atom than the hydrogen atoms. As a result, the oxygen atom is slightly
20.regulating chemical pathways, making materials that cells need, releasing energy, and transferring information.
1.responsible for the high thermal energy required to melt ice (2 words)
2.term for the dissolving medium in a solution
3.Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by changing the____of the reaction
4.Amino acid is to protein as simple sugar is to
8.causes water to form drops, surface tension causes them to be nearly spherical
10.if the cell membrane became___cell would die because needed nutrients, such as food and water, could not get inside the cell and wastes would accumulate inside the cell.
11.organelle you would expect to find in plant cells but not animal cells
12.If you stir salt into boiling water, you produce a a. mixture called a
13.The primary function of the____ is to support and protect the cell.
14.the surface tension of water compare with the surface tensions of most other liquids
17.keeps the drops in place

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