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X Factor Vocabulary

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  9 10           11 12

3.Ella is _______ songwriting (she likes it, is keen on it, enjoys doing it).
4.If you practise for a performance or a play, the 'practice' is called a ________.
6.A phrasal verb which means a relationship has ended - James' parents ________ up.
10.A verb which means 'to coach' a singer or a young person and help them to learn certain skills.
13.Someone who sings on the street to try and earn money.
14.A small one bedroomed flat.
16.If something is too much to take emotionally, you might say that it is: __________
17.A verb which means 'to see something' or 'to be present when something happens'.
18.When James was young, his parents got ________ (they ended their marriage).
1.If you say 'That song hit a _______ with everyone in the audience', you mean that everyone recognised a certain sentiment or emotion within the song.
2.If someone loses control of their life, you can say that they have gone off the _______ (think of trains).
5.If people are behind you, stand up for you and encourage you, you could say that they are very ____________.
7.If you can't remember something, your mind goes ________.
8.If something is quite scary and makes you feel intimidated, you can describe it as _____________.
9.A word beginning with 'g' which means beautiful, lovely, attractive.
11.When you perform in front of people in order get a place in a play or a show. Like an interview for singers!
12.James Arthur says that, for him, music was a ________ mechanism (it helped him to deal with the problems in his life).
15.When a family temporarily adopts a child, it is called ________ care.

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