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Canada's Food Guide

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7                   8 9
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2.When adding ________ use a small amount.
6.Following the guides contributes to your overall health and _________.
7.Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding needs to take this.
10.You should have _____ servings on fish each week.
11.Limited foods and beverages that are high in ______.
13.Most of all….be a good ________
14.Whole grain products should be a least _______ your grains daily.
15.Include a small amount of this fat in your diet.
16.You should drink _____ to satisfy your thirst.
17.The weakening of your bones.
21.You should always read the ___________ label.
24.A good choose of milk is.
25.Beans are an example of this.
27.Following Canada’s Food Guide helps children grow and _______.
29.Choose meats that are ________.
30.This is the best way to cook your vegetables.
1.Select lower _____ milk alternatives.
3.Use vegetable oil such as _______
4.Do not restrict _______ foods because of their fat content.
5.This is an example of a grain a product
7.Drink _________ soy beverages if you don’t drink milk
8.The food guide had how many food groups
9.Will help reduce the risk of this.
12.The number of eggs that is equal to 2 servings
16.When choosing grain choose ________ grains.
18.You should limit this in your diet.
19.This vitamins needs to increase after the age of 50.
20.Enjoy a _____ of foods from the four food groups.
22.Teen males need _____ servings of meat and alternatives.
23.This fat is processed.
24.Teen females need ______ servings of grain products.
26.Eat a healthy _________.
28.Pregnant women need to ensure that their multivitamin also contains.

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