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Shawn and Ruth


We're awesome

1 2
3           4        
5 6              
    7   8         9
11     12                        
  13   14            
          17       18    
  20                           21  
25                       26                

3.The name for our first girl baby
4.Our most recent nickname
5.Our first kiss
7.The name for our second girl baby
11.The color I'm going to wear to your prom
12.The first time I cooked you breakfast
14.My favorite TV show
16.The first time we hung out
17.Our second time having sex
19.The longest movie like ever
20.You are
23.How long until we're completely together
24.Our first time trying sex
25.You are
26.Ridiculously pretty and one of my favorite things about you
1.What we still haven't had
2.We used to but don't anymore
6.Our first dinner date
8.Me getting you to drink & smoke is...
9.The name for our first boy baby
10.You are
13.Our favorite time of year
15.Our first date
18.What I wish you'd work harder on
21.The movie we saw that we found out sucked
22.When we're getting married

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