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2 3   4 5
6 7         8               9    
14             15   16              
18               19
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6.white painter who set out to document "vanishing people" in 1840s
8.massacre of 300+ Lakota Sioux in December 1890 (two words)
11.oxymoronic stereotype of heroic yet violent Native American (two words)
12.acronym of civil rights group founded by Dennis Banks, among others
14.Hopi painter encouraged by Elizabeth DeHuff who went on to exhibit internationally in the 1930s
16.type of relief printmaking practiced by Inuit since 1950s
17.Haida painter Lawrence Paul _________.
18.island occupied from 1969 to 1971 in protest over Native land rights
21.Pueblo painter of sacred ceremonies who sold his work to Elsie Clews Parsons
22.process of emphasizing difference from white Western culture
23.term describing Northwest Coast aesthetic style
25.bird with highest significance in Haida mythology
26.Apache painter represented in Wabash permanent collection
27.acronym of government department
1.belief that God intended white Christian Europeans to "settle" the West (two words)
2.museum of Western and Native American art in Indianapolis
3.celebratory gathering practiced by Northwest Coast peoples, once illegal under Canadian and American law
4.Canadian female installation and performance artist Rebecca ______.
5.manga-style graphic novel narrating a Haida myth
7.award-winning feature-length film narrating pre-contact Inuit life
9.acronym of law mandating repatriation of objects and human remains
10.Hopi spirit
13.people group living in the Arctic from Alaska to Baffin Island
15.tall monuments made from tree trunks unique to Haida culture (two words)
19.first indigenous artist represented at the Venice Biennale, in 1995
20.author of Custer Died for Your Sins
24.Yahi word for "man" given to last individual of his tribe

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