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Transportation in the 19th Century

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6.This allowed people to travel easier between states, even more than improved roads did.
9.America's first commercial railroad.
11.Made possible instantaneous communication throughout the nation.
13.This was the largest road at the time that stretched from Maryland to Illinois, and was 591 miles long.
14.The first successful practical steamboat was created by?
1.Invented the telegraph.
2.Oversaw the construction of the Erie Canal.
3.This was the most dangerous method of transportation at the time.
4.Riverboat trips were very popular on this river.
5.This canal started in Buffalo and ended in Albany, New York.
7.This is a heavy and enclosed vehicle pulled by four or more horses.
8.This city became the most important port in America.
10.This is the name of the first practical steamboat.
11.Also known as toll roads.
12.This was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic.

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