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Ch. 21 Work and Machines


1 2
3     4 5
  6         7          
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15 16                              
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6.This is expressed in Watts.
7.A pair of inclined planes that move.
9.The kind of energy that a moving object has.
11.Output force divided by input force. (2 words)
14.A simple machine that has a bar that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum
16.To find the MA of this simple machine, divide the radius of the wheel by the radius of the axle. (3 words)
17.The work YOU do on a machine (2 words)
19.A simple machine that has a straight, slanted surface. (2 words)
20.A second class lever has this in the middle.
22.A machine made up of two or more simple machines. (2 words)
24.Ideal machines are impossible because all machines have moving parts and all moving parts create this.
27.This is expressed in Newtons.
28.A simple machine consisting of two circular objects of different sizes. (3 words)
29.To find the MA of this simple machine, you divide length by greatest thickness.
30.The comparison of a machine's work output with work input. (2 words)
1.A third class lever has this in the middle. (2 words)
2.This is expressed in Joules.
3.F x D
4.Work output divided by work input x 100. (2 words)
5.This type of pulley's MA is determined by the number of rope segments. (3 Words)
8.A machine that has 100% efficiency. (2 words)
10.The number of times that a machine multiplies input force. (2 words)
12.To find the MA of this simple machine, you divide length by height. (2 words)
13.Machines help by allowing force to be applied over a greater _____________.
16.The work that the machine does on an object. (2 words)
18.A first class lever has this in the middle.
21.This kind of pulley of pulley doesn't necessarily change direction, but it does increase distance and therefore reduces effort.
23.A simple machine that has a grooved wheel with a rope or cable.
25.An inclined plane wrapped around a shaft
26.This kind of pulley does not have a MA, instead it changes the direction of the force

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