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Test 5 Review Guide

Mr. Kane

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8.The Adams-Onis Treaty acquired this future state from Spain.
9.This was the development the use of Machinary and their goods, over hand made goods.
10.This was the name given to the South and the fact that the South was now economicly dependent on the production of cotton.
11.This is the name given to the Political party that emerged around Jackson's presidency and advocated Strict interpretation of the Consitution.
12.This is the theory that allowed State Governments to not follow or over ride a Federal Law.
19.This Supreme Court Case stated that although States wanted to use NA land, they lawfully could not remove someone from their land.
20.This Supreme Court Case stated that Federal Laws will always trump State Laws., and the right for the Federal Government to control interstate commerce.
23.This was portrayed in paintings and stories, of landscapes and people who come to America and rise in wealth and social status.
27.Admitting Missouri as a Slave State, Maine as a Free State, and the 36' 30' line the cut off of slavery (also maintaining a balance of free and slave states) was part of this.
30.during the 1820s and 1830s the Cherokee NA's were forced West of the Mississippi River (Oklahoma) along this.
31.This was the first person to successfully build and maintain a steel plow.
32.This connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
1.This is the political party that advocated for a strong national government to run the economy... also liked the American System.
2.This strengthened the federal government's control over the economy, by declaring that states could not tax the Federal Government.
3.Andrew Jackson wanted to and did veto the use of this, in which he faught with Henry Clay over the use of.
4.This invention which was aimed at making people's lives easier, wound up leadin to a sharp rise in the number of slaves in the South.
5.this debate, Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions, and the Hartford Convention were all centered around "States' Rights"
6.In 1824 Andrew Jackson lost to this eventual One term President.
7.This is the first person to successfully use the dormatory system while employing single females.
13.This was geared/aimed at keeping Europe out of North America and Latin American affairs.
14.This championed states' rights and questioned the legality of applying some federal laws in the states.
15.This was the first person to successfully build and maintain a machanical reaper.
16.This was the first sucessful factory owner in America, using Spinning Machines (Spinning Jenny's)
17.The North was dependent on Manufacturing and the South dependent on agriculture pushed this idea.
18.Showing Pride and Devotion towards your or ones country is referred to as this.
21.This man was Vice-President to Andrew Jackson, from South Carolina, and an adiment supporter of Nullification towards the Federal Government
22.The use of Tarriffs, a National Bank, National Currency, Taxes, and improved infistructure were all part of Henry Clay's ___.
24.This was the first person to successfully build and maintain a Steamboat named the Claremont.
25.This president and successor of Andrew Jackson inherited an economic crisis from Jackson's economic policies.
26.Besides the Cotton Gin, this man also invented the use of interchangable parts as seen on his version of the musket.
28.Andrew Jackson favored the use of State Banks or what is called this.... over the use of the Bank of the United States.
29.Most Immigrants that came to America that eithered stayed in the North or moved West were from this country and Germany.

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