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Executive Branch

1 2
3     4  
6                   7  
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    19       20          

3.The President's term of office is ____ years
5.The second step in electing the President is this
6.Where the President's powers are described in the Constitution
9.The governor of NC may serve two terms of office ______
10.The governor gives the __________ address
13.The President must be this type of citizen
15.People who advise and assist the governor are the cabinet and the _______
16.Replaces the mayor if a vacancy occurs
18.The SBI and Highway Patrol are examples of _____ that help enforce state laws
19.How are the council of state and county sheriffs given their jobs
21.Head of local law enforcement; runs the county jail
22.Chief executive at the local level
23.The President must have lived on US soil for _____ years
1.Chief executive of state government
2.Who succeeds the governor if a vacany occurs
4.Maintains public records for a county
7.In what month is the President inaugurated
8.The governor is the commander in chief of the NC _________
11.The first step in electing the President is the ____ vote
12.The Presdient must be at least this age
14.What amendment limits the President to two terms in office
15.The executive branches for each level of government ______ laws for that level
17.The head of the Executive Branch at the national level
20.Candidates for governor of NC must be at least how old

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