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ITD 101


1             2          
4                 5    
6           7 8
  9         10                      
  11 12       13        
  14   15        
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18                             19    
        20 21      
22 23                                  

1.level where the accounting data to measure production is available
3.gross domestic product
4.Agency responsible for international standards for merchandise trade statistics (2 Words)
6.Canadian Automated Export Declaration
9.international systems of names and numbers for classifying goods (2 Words)
12.free on board
13.Postal Import Control System
14.United States Census Bureau
16.tax imposed on goods at importation
17.process of eliminating price change from a time series
18.Price actually paid or payable for goods (2 Words)
21.international merchandise trade statistics
22.process of removing seasonal influence from a time series (2 Words)
27.North American Product Classification System
29.protection of information of individual statistical units
2.systematic quantitative summary of the economy as a whole (4 Words)
5.a single number calculated from an array of prices and quantities
8.exports of foreign goods in the same state as previously imported (2 Words)
10.National Energy Board
11.account number used by government to identify a business (2 Words)
15.Canadian border agency which collects tariffs
19.level of a business associated with complete financial statements
20.goods entering or leaving a country to reach a thrid country (2 Words)
23.goods leaving a country
24.United States Customs and Border Protection
25.Authorized removal of goods from a customs office for domestic use
26.goods entering a country
28.World Customs Organization

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