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Food Safety Review

1 2
3                   4        
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14   15                

3.disease from raw and undercooked eggs, poultry, meat, fish, etc
4.disease from raw/undercooked ground meat, unpasteurized milk, etc.
7.storage in a cabinet or other area that is clean, dry, dark, and cool
10.this should be between 32 and 40F
11.choose cans that are free of dents, __________, rust
12.check dates on packages for ____________
15.foodborne illness symptoms can be similar to this illness
16.tiny, living creatures seen only by microscope
17.being safe can ________ foodborne illness
18.never taste foods that you suspect are ___________
1.temperature range between 40 and 140F
2.sickness resulting from eating food that is not safe
5.Food, __________, and the right temperature can multiply bacteria
6.disease can be fatal, from improperly canned foods
8.avoid frozen foods with ice __________ or discoloration
9.changes in color, flavor, and testure that result when food loses moisture in the freezer
13.storage between 0F or less
14.bacteria from yogurt, vinegar, and some cheeses

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