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Literary Vocabulary Parts 1 and 2

Kelly Taylor

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3.the order in which a story's events take place
5.conversations between characters
7.a person or entity in a story
10.the most exciting, tension filled point in the story coming near the end
14.a character that does not change much within the story
15.has many character traits, some which contradict each other, like a real person
18.a struggle between two forces
20.opening of a story when characters and conflicts are introduced
22.an action that jumps ahead to look at an event in the future
23.time and place a story happens
24.tension decreases as the conflict begins to be settled
1.has only one or two traits and can be described in a few words
2.A series of related events in a story, each connected to the next
4.conflict taking place between two characters or forces
5.characterization where the reader is told directly what to think about the character
6.main character in a fiction or a drama
8.hints at events that are going to happen in the future
9.characters try to solve conflict but makes the situation worse
11.the solution to the problem is found
12.a character that changes as a result of the story's events
13.the process of revealing a personality of a character within the story
16.the character or force that blocks the protagonist
17.an action that interrupts story to look at event that takes place in the past
19.the reader must use clues within the text in order to tell what the character is like
21.conflict that takes place in the character's own mind

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