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Lee Macpherson

Find the word/word's that go in the right bax use the clue's to help you. :)

1 2     3                   4
5             6        
  8 9      
10 11     12  

2.How did Mary die?
5.What school did Mary get her PHD from?
6.What was Silent Sam?
7.What did Crabbe set on fire to save Mary?
9.What did Mary give Crabbe to get his mind off Silent Sam?
11.Who did Crabbe live with in the woods?
14.What did Crabbe fall off of to hurt himself?
15.In what chapter did Crabbe meet Mary?
1.What did Crabbe get attacked by?
3.What did Crabbe amost forget in the back yard (Hint) IT GOES WITH THE CANOE?
4.What was Crabbe's full name?
8.Who found Crabbe's vodka in his locker?
10.Crabbe uses this to cross the lake?
12.Was Crabbe an alcoholic?
13.What did Crabbe hide off the road ?

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