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Daily Crossword

Khalia Solar

1     2         3  
4       5            
7                           8
10   11        
      12               13  
  15                   16    
  18                           19

1.Men fought with this emotion
4.Where the war began (2 Words)
7.Elected in 1960 (2 Words)
12.Both sides have no lack of "blank"
14.Stowe wrote this book (3 Words)
15.War participants on the North's side lacked "blank"
17.Month in which the war started
18.President of The Confederate States of America (2 Words)
20.Men enlisted with this emotion
21.Everybody was feeling this "heat" (2 Words)
2."Little Lady" who started the war (3 Words)
3."blank" States secede before the war
5.Not aloud to fight in the war
6.After three unsuccessful "blank" the war began
8.They call him 'blank' Jackson (2 Words)
9."blank" day war
10.War General of The South's Army
11.War General of The North's Army
13.The Capital of The Confederate States of America
16.Capital of The Confederate States of America is in this State
19."blank" States secede after the start of the war

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