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Civil Rights Terms

Stone Franklin

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4.the act of putting a bomb somewhere
11.a black civil rights leader
15.JFK's assassinator
19.any state law discriminating blacks
22.color of one's skin
23.36th president of the U.S
1.eliminate rcial sgregation
2.one of the five nobel prizes
3.decision that schools should not be segregated
5.brother of JFK
6.a federal law against segregation of public places
7.eenager whos death sparked the civil rights movement
8.black high school students who enrolled in little rock high school
9.35th president of the U.S
10.the national effort by blacks to recieve racial equality
12.hatred against other reaces
13.act or practice of segregating
14.swift and intence force
17.African americans
18.to kill
20.a group of people with the same skin color
21.a term for african americans

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