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Brandon warrington

1     2  
3   4
5                     6    
8           9   10          
15             16
17 18    
19             20        

1.the player play on it
5.he tries to save the ball from going in the goal
6.you where it when you play football
8.he trains the team
9.hes in charge of the game
12.each team competes in these yearly
13.when the game starts the ball is placed here
14.each team competes to get one of these
15.you where them inside your socks to prevent injury
19.in charge of the team
20.they give you a grip on the bottom of the boots
21.this controls the start the middle and the end
22.they work together
23.if you do well you will earn a ?
2.found on each edge of the pitch
3.he is in charge of the team on the pitch
4.they help the referee on the side
7.you where these to play in
10.you use it to score a goal
11.teams from around the world compete in this
15.if the ball goes over this then it is a throw in
16.theplayers play inside it
17.the people on the pitch are?
18.teams compete to get to try to get to the top of this

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