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Jesse Characters, and Vocabulary

Ayub Ahmed

Hint and Definition, Or Charactor

(For The 2 Words, Make A Space)

1 2     3
4     5                
6   7 8              
        10 11
  16 17
18                       19
21 22            
23     24                    

2.Jesse's Brother.
4.Drinks A Lot, and Lives With Jesse's Mom.
8.Were Glenda Got Her Job.
9.Jesse Likes Her.
12.Punched Jesse In The Nose. (2 Words)
13.A War In Vietnam. (2 Words)
14.A Vietnam Vet.
15.What Abel and Jesse Were Doing To Get To Pismo Beach.
18.Glenda's Son. (2 Words)
20.Took Abel and Jesse Back To Fresno.
22.Got Hit In The Ear By A Cop.
23.Helping Mexican Americans In The United Farm Worker Event. (2 Words)
25.Were Abel and Jesse Grew Up.
1.Leslie's Car. (2 Words)
3.Jesse New Shoes That Got Stained With Raul's Blood.
5.The Beach Abel and Jesse Were Trying To Go. (2 Words)
6.The Cologne Jesse Used To Go Out With Minerva. (2 Words)
7.Abel and Jesse's Cousin; Has Love and Hate Cut Into His Knuckles.
10.The LandLady.
11.Jesse and Abel Work For 9 Hours Here; Work For $16.
16.The Author of The Book "Jesse". (2 Words)
17.Abel Wants To Go Here.
19.The Main Charactor.
21.Abel's Girlfriend.
24.Jesse Wants To Be This.

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