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Disneyland Resort

1 2 3 4
5     6                               7
      8     9              
          12     13  
    16               17

5.located in paradise pier (2 Words)
8.a show about Mickey's imagination
10.recent addition to California Adventure (2 Words)
15.where Indiana Jones temple of the forbidden eye is located
18.this ride was originally going to be candy mountain
19.this ride is based on "Song of the South" (2 Words)
20.the only ride with many puns (2 Words)
1.there are 999 happy haunts residing within (2 Words)
2.takes you from tomorrowland to Downtown Disney
3.this ride had a 7 hour wait on opening day (3 Words)
4.where you can learn to draw Disney characters (2 Words)
6.the song is known to drive some mad (4 Words)
7.area where you'll find mickey's house
9.based on the twilight zone (3 Words)
11.where you dine while watching people get on pirates of the carribean (2 Words)
12.this ride is combined with a video game (3 Words)
13.the only show where a fastpass is available (3 Words)
14.the first area you see when you enter Disneyland (3 Words)
16.you must "protect" the rebel spy (2 Words)
17.the happiest place on earth

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