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1           2
      5   6
7                 8  
        10   11      
14 15                
17   18   19  
    20       21            
23     24        

1.A Zebra has black and white
7.My favorite animal
11.I_______ you
12.The month we got together
13.The krusty krab___ is the___ for you and meeee
14.There once was an ugly_____
16.Our favorite dish to eat
17.Miley Cyrus has no
20.My absolute favorite trait about you
22.The language I want you to teach me one day
23.I want to ______ with you many places one day
25.A piece of clothing you wear on your feet
26.I want to hug this animal before it kills me
1._______ is my biggest hobby besides spending time with you
2.My favorite physical attribute about you
3.Andrew + Little Always and _______
4.I want you to wear your prom dress and ______ with me
5.Where we first met
6.Even though it isn't official, you are still my
8.I've always wanted to be a _______
9.Your favorite animal
10.One of our three babies
15.The first movie we watched together
18.I'm going to give you my_______ to sleep in
19.My favorite character from Spongebob
21.The color of an orange
24.You consider yourself to be a

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