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The Early Cold War

Ms Lopez-Khan

What can you remember about the early cold war?

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3.Conference location where it was decided that the USSR would enter the war against Japan
6.Method used by both sides to spread lies about each other
7.Father of Communism
9.Number of Russian lives claimed in WWII
13.One-Party, One-Leader state
15.Second Conference of the Big 3 in 1945
16.Representative animal of the USSR
17.Where it was crucially decided that Germany would be split into 4 zones
18.Representative figure of the USA, always dressed in the US flag
20.A long disputed area where the Red Army never left
21.So-called philosophy of the USA
23.Term Churchill used to describe the divide between East and West Europe
24.Country of dispute in British possession that led to US involvement in Europe
25.Method used by the USSR to gain control of the ballot boxes in Eastern Europe
1.Feature of the Cold War involving both sides using spies
2.American President that quite liked Stalin
3.The US Declaration that condemned Communism as a breeding ground for poverty
4.Economic system of the West that promoted free competition
5.The type of proliferation of weapons that meant stockpiling
8.Political system opposed to Communism
10.Leader of Communist Yugoslavia (never taken by Stalin)
11.A disputed demand of the USSR from Germany
12.Billions of dollars that were given to help Europe after WWII
14.American President who hated Stalin
19.This, after the invention of the Nuclear Bomb, showed how bitter the Cold War had become
22.A weapon that could launch in one country and fly over continents

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