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Table Etiquette

Anne Jarrett

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3.Bottle with structure & materials that prevent heat loss from hot foods inside.
6.Serving foods by passing it around table in serving dishes.
7.Serving style in which people help themselves to food prepared and set out on a table
9.Extra money given to the server in appreciation for good service.
10.Serving food by plating food in the kitchen & carrying plates to the table.
14.Small pieces of bread cut in decorative shapes; have flavorful toppings
15.Courtesy shown by using good manners when eating.
16.Serving containers made of silver, silver plate or stainless steel.
18.Knives, forks, & spoons plus larger utensils, such as gravy ladles & cake servers.
19.Tableware for one person, including plate, glass, & typically knife, fork, & spoon.
20.Most elaborate food service style, requiring hired helps; often used for banquets.
21.Social gathering usually held to honor person or celebrate an event.
1.Items listed and priced individually.
2.Formal way of serving meal at table; plates are placed in front of host, who puts food on plates & passes them.
4.Small portion of food served at beginning of meal to whet the appetite.
5.Large, beautifully decorated plate used only for appetizer in formal service.
8.Glassware made with lead, giving it clarity and sparkle.
11.Small morsels of hot or cold food featured at formal receptions & usually eaten in one or two bites.
12.Any item used for serving or eating food.
13.Arrangement made ahead of time by telephone for a table at a restaurant.
17.When each piece in a tableware set can be purchased separately.

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