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DNA/RNA/Cell Cycle

C. Zabala

1 2   3  
  4 5              
6           7      
  8       9          
  14     15                      
      16                   17      
18             19        
    20                     21    
    22               23      
24 25   26                    
  27               28        
    29                     30 31
32                 33            

2.type of cells produced in the mitotic cell cycle
5.a name for describing cells made by mitosis
6.what RNA makes
8.the number of times cells divide in meiosis
9.How many chromosomes in an oak tree's leaf cells if 45 are in its sex cells
11.the shape of DNA
12.process of producing sex cells
15.the shape of RNA
16.names of scientists who discovered the shape of DNA (3 words)
18.is attached to the sugar of both DNA and RNA
20.what bases are attached to on the DNA ladder
22.number of chromosomes in human body cells
26.phase of the cell cycle in which cell divides
27.phase in which chromosomes separate
29.phase in mitosis in which chromosomes line up at the equator
32.the sugar in RNA
33.How many chromosomes would be in a parrot's sperm if its skin cells have 30
34.always pairs with thymine in DNA
1.the number of cells produced by meiosis
3.the scientific name for DNA
4.process of dividing two nuclei during the cell cycle
5.what holds nitrogen bases together
7.where RNA is made
10.phase of the cell cycle in which the nucleus breaks down
13.phase in which the nucleus reappears in the cell cycle
14.always bonds with guanine
17.where protein is made
19.number of chromosomes in human sex cells
21.term for DNA when it copies itself
23.phase of mitosis in which DNA is copied
24.always bonds with adenine in RNA
25.term describing body cells and cells made by meiosis
28.always bonds with cytosine
30.type of cells produced by meiosis
31.what chromosomes are made of

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